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Lyme Communications is one of Staffordshire’s leading PR and copywriting consultancies. Whether you want to attract new customers, increase brand awareness or create a competitive advantage, let us generate a buzz with targeted media coverage and engaging content. A local consultancy with national reach, we can work with you on a retained or project basis, wherever you are in the …

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Effective storytelling is at the core of everything we do and it’s our mission to communicate why your company matters and how it adds value. Working with a variety of clients, we’ve become experts in several different industries, connecting with journalists and editors, and building a reputation as trusted PR professionals. There are particular industries that we know very well …

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The right words, communicated in the correct way, have the power to be truly persuasive. Our aim is to find the smartest and most energy efficient way of getting your message to your target audience, and we have a myriad of tactics at our disposal to achieve just that. Share this Post

Testimonial – Paul Ainsworth, Chef & Proprietary, Padstow Townhouse

“The most amazing thing is how effortlessly Danielle was able to tell our story; she managed to capture all of the work, magic and pain staking detail that has gone into this project and gain some much deserved media attention for our interior designer.” Paul Ainsworth, Chef & Proprietary, Padstow Townhouse